Sunday Morning Classes

First Baptist Lewisville’s Bible Study ministry has a lot less to do with “Sunday”, and it certainly isn’t “School.” So, we’ve created a ministry where the name defines and emphasizes what it does—Bible Study! We believe a small group Bible Study is the very core of a believer’s growth as a Christian. Here’s what you’ll find in Bible Study:

Bible teaching



An opportunity to grow spiritually 


Sunday morning 8:00am (options for senior adults) / worships at 9:30am service


Sunday morning 9:30am (options for preschoolers, children, students grades 9-12, young and median adults) / worships at 11:00am service


Sunday morning 11:00am  (options for preschoolers, children, students grades 6, 7 and 8, young, median and senior adults / worships at 9:30am service



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Bible Study class descriptions

Click on the links below to see the classes available at the three different Bible Study times:

Sunday morning 8:00am

Sunday morning 9:30am

Sunday morning 11:00am