What does the program for my child cost? 

"There is a minimal cost of $20 for materials. However, we will be happy to scholarship any child upon request."

Does my child need to be a member of First Baptist Church Lewisville? No. We welcome everyone.

Are groups divided by boys and girls? Yes, small groups are divided by gender and age range. We gather as one group for projects and activities.

How recent does the loss have to be? No limit on time if the child needs grief support.

Is there a fee for dinner? No. Kids who are active participants of SHIFT and the adult who brings them are welcome for dinner.

Can a child jump in at any time? Up through the third week, yes. After week three we close the groups to foster a sense of trust and vulnerability among the group members and their leaders.

Are the leaders screened? Yes, each leader will have had a background check.