I had thought I was saved since I was a child (baptized as a baby...very misleading!) But when my ex-husband and I started having serious trouble about 10 years into our marriage I finally turned to the Bible and understood what Jesus had done for me.

I was out at the lake one day sitting on a bluff looking over the water, reading the book of Job (coincidence?), when I gave my life to Christ for real. Things with the husband got better for a while, but when I started really serving the Lord it created lots of friction.

I prayed for several years that God would transform my husband (a believer). I prayed specifically for a Godly husband and for him to be a partner in youth ministry with me. God answered that prayer by allowing that husband to stray away from me and providing my true help mate, Kenneth. Who just so happens to have a Job story involved in his re-commitment also. Today, I am blessed to have my own "man after God's own heart", and together we get to do what God has called us to do which is share Him with troubled youth. :)

Shannon Koonsman