Thanks for taking time to check out the website of First Baptist Church, Lewisville, Texas. As you explore the pages found here, I hope you catch a glimpse of who we are.


Our family has served this church since 1993. It’s home. It’s our family. And there is always room at the table for more.


We pursue three intended results in everything we do and we personalize them--


            I commit to Jesus


            I commit to His followers


            I commit to His world


If you choose to join us on this journey of life, then I would expect you to help us reach these intended results. I don’t believe one joins a church by accident--it’s a decision based on prayer.


So whether you have found this website by accident or on purpose, take time to get to know us. And should you find yourself visiting our campus for a worship service, special event, or ministry opportunity, know you are welcome.







Dr. Stephen Hatfield