September 7, 2017

Matthew 12:25

Homes are certainly a potential breeding ground for Satan’s work. He loves to use our words to hurt one another. He loves causing chaos within the home. I think he is hardest at work on Sunday mornings before church! Jesus said a house divided cannot stand.

That doesn’t mean we never disagree with one another or we never have moments when our anger and frustration get the best of us. But it means that as believers, we should be able to come to one another, apologize, share honestly (in a Christ-like way) with one another, and extend grace. Life for each of us will often include brokenness and mess ups (because we are human and because of the Fall), but Jesus wants us to get into a rhythm of grace in our homes, offering and receiving it each and every day. He will use the way we interact and forgive to show his love to others.

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