September 4, 2016

Psalm 51

Many of the psalms were put to music for worship in the temple, just as many of them are put to music for us to use today. Music is a powerful way to connect to God and to move our hearts to repentance and praise. I love listening to music during my time with God.

Today’s App
Find a song that is full of adoration and praise and use it to open up your time with God. You can play it out loud, just listen, or sing along. Try using headphones if that works better in your situation, or print lyrics and read through them as you begin your time.

Choose a song that is meaningful to you and your situation. There are new praise and worship choruses that are powerful as well as hymns people have been singing for centuries. When we use music—as a congregation and on our own—we join into these songs with other voices of the past and the present. The truths in the songs express what is in our hearts, OR, by participating and singing along, God can use them to move our hearts to that place. Music is a powerful tool and one we should use to help us connect with the Living God.