September 29, 2015

Messy Family

Deuteronomy 6:7a
“Impress them on your children.” As any parent knows, impressing the things of God is a tightrope. The extremes of heavy-handed discipline, or using the commands of God as a stick, and the laisse-fair “I’ll let my child decide his faith for himself” are both dangerous and misguided. So how can parents make impressions about faith that are both long-lasting and life-changing? The word “impress” implies pressure. However, the pressure to impress shouldn’t remain the same. There are times when the pressure with which we impress faith is stronger. At other times, the pressure should be less. Parents can rest in the good news that the Holy Spirit will be who he is in the lives of our children just as he is in our lives. Parents don’t have to be the Holy Spirit in their child’s life.

Think about the impression you are making on your child’s life. With guidance from the Lord, are you using the correct amount of pressure as you impress faith? Pray the Lord would draw your child to himself and give you wisdom as you leave a healthy faith impression.