September 24, 2015

Messy Family

1 Samuel 16:7
If you were grading yourself as a parent today, what grade would you give yourself? On what basis would you rate yourself? Dr. Timothy Smith highlights four external decoys that can trap parents into thinking they are a success. They are Academics, Appearances, Athletics, and Achievements. It’s easy to think that if our kid has all of these external things right, we must be successful. But 16:7 tells us something more. God doesn’t look at all the outside trappings. He sees the heart. As we’re becoming the people, parents, and families he’s called us to be, the goal is an internal heart change. This can only take place with the help of the Holy Spirit.

What about you? Are you gauging success based on outward appearance? Stop now and ask God to show you the truth about your success or failure. Ask God to change your heart and that of your spouse, children, and family members. He, not you, can change our hearts to be all he desires.