September 23, 2015

Messy Family

Luke 12:31
All parents want to give their children the very best life possible. However, taken to the extreme, this desire can be harmful to parents and children alike. Carl Honoré describes hyper-parenting as “the very noble desire to do the best for our children taken to the extreme to push, polish, and protect our children with superhuman zeal to give them the very best of everything and to be the best at everything.”

How can parents create balance in giving children the best while maintaining their priorities? In 12:31, we are given the answer. When we seek the things of God first, put our spouse second and our children third, family life will fall into place. When these priorities are balanced, family life will follow suit. Is your family life balanced? Are you putting your child above your relationship with Christ or with your spouse? If you are single, is work taking priority over your relationship to God and others? Take time to ask God to show you where priorities need to be realigned.