September 22, 2015

Messy Family

Luke 10:41-42
Contributing to the mess of family is busyness. Jobs, sports, traffic, PTA, music lessons, laundry, meetings, even church programming all add up to a harried speed of life. Stopping leaves us wondering how long days have left us with short years. When life gets busy, our tendency, at times, is to sacrifice intangible relationships with God and family for things we believe to be more tangible and measurable. Isn’t there something more? Is it even possible to slow family life down to a pace we can enjoy and savor the gift of family we’ve been given? Jesus gave the answer in 10:41-42. Don’t you love it when God makes things simple? Jesus said, “Only one thing is needed.” Mary had chosen to sit with Jesus while Martha rushed to prepare things for him.

Pray for yourself and your family today. Pray that you will choose this one thing so all of your family’s life will fall into its rightful place.