September 21, 2015

Messy Family

John 8:32
Family, by definition, is messy. Whether family is one person, nuclear, or blended, we all experience the messes of life. From the goldfish/kid’s meal/something-sticky-in-the-floorboard stage to the teenage negotiation-of-independence stage to the I-choose-you-as-my-friend stage of adulthood, there are many beautiful messes to be negotiated and celebrated. Sometimes celebration of the mess happens any day but Sunday. On Sundays, we would rather pretend we aren’t “that family.” The truth of Scripture is families are messy, and, more often than not, we are “that family.” Dotting the pages of Scripture from beginning to end, favoritism, murder, incest, adultery, divorce, and unplanned pregnancy have been part of the mess that is family. So why do we pretend? After all, Jesus said truth would set us free. And admitting truth is a good place to start.

So, what’s the truth about your messy family? Stop now and ask God’s help to see beauty in the mess and to become the family he created you to be.