September 2, 2015

An Unmarried Mess

Psalm 139:1-24
How do you describe who you are? Do you use your occupation? Is it a physical characteristic, such as hair color, height, weight, etc.? Are you someone’s parent or spouse? Is it a talent you have, like singing, writing, or mastery of a certain sport? While nothing is wrong with these descriptors, all of them are subject to change eventually. And when they do, then what? I guess this might be at the root of many a midlife crisis.

Every Christian should have Psalm 139 committed to memory, for it is a psalm that very clearly defines who we are. It is a love song to the Creator who made us exactly the way we are for a profound purpose. We are his children from start to finish, and this is the only definition or description about ourselves we will ever need. It trumps any job we could have, marital or parental status, amazing talent or gift, or any earthly object we could ever possess.

God values you so much just as you are. Do not allow anyone else to diminish who you are, including yourself.