September 1, 2016

Ephesians 5:8-15; 6:10-18

I just finished Priscilla Shirer’s study on The Armor of God. I highly recommend it—even for men. I learned so much about the battle that is waging all around us and practicing living life “armed” with God’s armor.

The belt of Truth is the first piece of armor listed. Soldiers put on the belt before they put on any other armor because the belt was the piece that enabled everything else to be secure. The belt had a place where the breastplate was locked in, as well as a place for the sword to hang. The soldier could not wear any armor if he didn’t have the belt.

In our spiritual armor, our belt is that of truth: God’s opinion on any matter. In Ephesians 5, truth is described as the light. God’s opinion on any matter—his light—exposes what is in the darkness. Light shows us what is really there. Light illuminates the path so we can see the best way to travel. God’s word is light in our lives. It shows us where sin has a hold or where Satan has deceived us, and it also reveals our path and the way we move forward. Without the truth of God, we will stumble in darkness and be deceived by the master illusionist, Satan.

Today’s App
Choose a verse to commit to memory and start working on it during your time alone with God. God’s truth is a powerful weapon when it is rooted in our minds and hearts. I like to write the verse I’m memorizing at the top of my journal each day. Writing helps me commit it to memory and helps me to meditate on it, rather than just quickly read it.