Sept. 27, 2016

Matthew 5:13-16

Yesterday, we explored God’s role for us as stewards. Stewardship was his design from the very beginning. Today, we look at what Jesus said about this responsibility. In this passage from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus explains our role in terms of SALT and LIGHT to our world.

One thing salt does is provide flavor. As Christ-followers, we are to bring Jesus’ seasoning to the world. If seasoning has no flavor, what good is it? Jesus asks us to be different from our world so that people look at us and think, “I want what they have.” Salt is also a preservative. Christians know God and have been entrusted to share this good news. Through a relationship with Jesus, anyone can have eternal life in heaven.

Jesus also calls us to be light to our world. Think about a child being afraid of the dark. Even a small night-light dispels darkness and brings comfort or hope.

Christ-followers should affect others in a positive way, just like salt brings flavor and light brings comfort. Our actions and words should point people to Jesus.