Sept. 24, 2016

Luke 5:27-32

Relational Evangelism

There are times when the Holy Spirit encourages us to be direct in our approach to sharing the gospel. It may be to someone we don’t know at all, unaware of the things they are going through in their lives. Regardless, these are the times we just need to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and share the gospel. However, next to sharing our testimony, the next easiest way to share the gospel is through our relationships. Walking alongside others and being familiar with what they are going through in their lives. This gives us the ability to speak the truth of the gospel directly to their situations and point them to Jesus as the answer. This only happens when we open the door to our own lives and let people into our own mess and struggles.

In Luke 5, Jesus invites Levi to come and follow him. Not only does Levi drop everything to do so, he decides to throw a party to celebrate the occasion. Who does he invite? He invites all his tax collector buddies. At the time, tax collectors were not the most popular people to hang out with. In fact, their position was one that was associated with corruption, greed, and sin. It wasn’t that he was not ashamed of what he and his associates did, rather that he knew who Jesus was and what he could do for all of them. Levi knew who it was he was following and wanted his associates to meet him as well. He did the easiest thing he could think of. He invited everyone over to dinner.