Sept. 20, 2016

Luke 10:25-37

Who is my neighbor? - Part 1

Now that we have defined what evangelism is, we can begin looking at whom we are supposed to share the gospel with. Read 10:25-37. Jesus uses the story of the good Samaritan to answer the lawyer's question, “And who is my neighbor?” It’s important to note there was no love lost between Samaritans and Jews. That’s what makes the Samaritan an unlikely hero in this incredible story.

Reading the story today, we must be careful not to miss the lesson Jesus was trying to teach the lawyer, even though the lawyer was only looking for a loophole so he could justify himself. Jesus was expanding the concept of neighbor beyond geographic location and people with similar interests. He was including people we come across every day, the ones we have never paid attention to and even the ones we don’t like.