September 18, 2016

Luke 12:35-47

Jesus knew there would be times we his servants would be tempted to lose focus and interest in serving him. Using this parable, Jesus taught his disciples to keep watch, be ready to serve, and to continue serving until his return. The master’s servants are waiting for him to return from a wedding feast. For the servants the master finds serving him, he reverses the roles and serves them from his own table. Conversely, for the servant who loses focus and acts foolishly wasting his master’s time and resources, there is judgment. What about you? How would your discipline of service change if there were a date on the calendar for Christ’s return? Are you expectant of Christ’s return as you faithfully serve him? Are you faithfully serving or do you serve only when it’s convenient? Or are you bored and lack focus in serving the master? One thing is sure, the master will return. The only question is if we, his servants, will be found ready.