September 16, 2016

Matthew 16:24-25

“But in service we must experience the many little deaths of going beyond ourselves. Service banishes us to the mundane, the ordinary and the trivial.” - Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

The discipline of service brings us face to face with Jesus’ command to die to self. For those of us who live in the Western Culture, putting others first is counter-cultural. The drive to have and be the best, and to preserve self are engrained in our DNA. Conversely, the command of Jesus is to serve others—to die to self a little bit (or a lot) at a time. With every choice we make to serve others, we are coming after Christ, taking up our cross, and losing our life only to find it. Often, as Foster points out, the death we face takes the form of the mundane, the ordinary or trivial things in life. However, as we serve in the spirit of God, he transforms our ordinary, mundane acts of service into supernatural fragrant offerings. What are you doing today that seems ordinary, mundane or trivial? Spend some time surrendering this action as your discipline of service to God.