September 15, 2016

1 Corinthians 3:10-13

In his book Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster cites differences between self-righteous service versus true service.

True Service
Self-Righteous Service
originates from a relationship with God
originates from human effort
seeks all opportunities to serve
looks for big opportunities to serve
rests in hidden service
requires others know & see the effort
is free from the need to see results
is highly concerned with results
serves everyone
chooses whom to serve
is a discipline
is affected by moods and whims
builds community
fractures community

Foster writes there is a difference between choosing to serve and choosing to be a servant. One originates with us, the other originates with the Spirit of God. Though we may choose to serve as we develop the discipline of service, the goal of the discipline of service is for God to transform us into his servants. That is, serving becomes a part of who we are resulting from our abiding relationship with God. As we enter into the discipline of serving others, may God reveal to us the areas of self-righteous service. And may he transform us all into the image of the Suffering Servant, Jesus the Christ.