I think I'm at a point most of us find ourselves, that is, there's not enough time in the day to accomplish everything. So, there are some things put off, and far too often, it's my time with the Lord. It's not like I'm doing things that are bad, in fact, some of them are quite rewarding such as Choir, serving as a Deacon and Wired 3rd Grade. However, the Lord commended Mary when Martha complained she was doing everything, and Mary wasn't helping. Mary was sitting at the Lord's feet, interacting with Him. Lent has always been a time of fasting and reflecting, preparing for Passion Week. This week's "bean and rice" is another form of fasting I can do, with my Brothers and Sisters at FBCL, and use it for preparation. Instead of finding time for the Lord, I'll make time. It always makes a big difference in my life when I just quietly listen to Him, sitting at His feet as it were.

Ray Sheehan