Point person: Susan McClelland



Baby Steps— pregnancy to first birthday

To help parents through pregnancy and the first year of their child’s life.  Baby Steps will provide nine points of connection with parents and our Preschool Ministry.

On-going throughout the year


Parent Commitment—

To help families understand and appreciate the important role parents play in the spiritual life of their children and to equip them to lead their children.

Several times during the year - click here for dates and registration.     


Camp Momanmee—3 and 4 year old Boys

To provide an opportunity for boys and their moms to spend an evening together.  click here for information.


Pajamamamarama-- 3 and 4 year old Girls

To provide an opportunity for girls and their moms to spend an evening together.

First Steps Toward God


The goal for the preschool and children's ministry staffs is to equip you to lead your child through the process of leading your child to Christ. While we are more than happy to talk with you and your children about salvation how much more exciting is it for you, the parent, to be part of this special process, after all that is how God intended it to be. In the days to come you will be seeing links to video resources here that can help guide you through having faith conversations with your preschooler. In the meantime check out the link to the right under Steps Toward God. I think this link can help get you started.

Information for First Time Parents

Overwhelmed with the task of Parenting? Check out some of the links below for advice and encouragement. Some of the sites also provide forums for you to discuss issues you are experiencing. Great way to be encouraged and know you aren't alone in this new task of parenting.

Steps Toward God: Faith Development

Oh NO! My child just started asking me about " how do I get Jesus in my heart!" What can be the most exciting step in a child's life for many parents' is the scariest. Why? Most are so afraid they will cause damage to faith development or many just plain don't know what to say. Below are some links that have advice and information about sharing the faith with children and what to say.