October 4, 2015

Messy Family

Joshua 24:15
Family life is all about choices. In the middle of “messy family,” we decide if beauty can emerge from the mess or if the mess is just, well, a mess. We decide how busy we are. We decide by the choices we make if we will disciple our children. We decide what activities are important in the lives of our kids. We decide if our marriage takes precedence over work or vice versa. Likewise, we choose if our family chooses to know, love and serve God or something else. As Joshua recounted God’s faithfulness to the nation of Israel, he clearly stated the choice for himself and his family. They would serve the Lord. May the same be said of us.

Spend time asking God to make you conscious of the choices, both big and small, you are making for your family. Ask him to give you wisdom as you seek to choose him in all areas of your family’s life.