October 22, 2012

15 Days on Giving

October 22 – 2 Corinthians 8:10-15
Every time a pastor steps up to the pulpit to give a sermon about giving, I’m quite certain there is at least one person in the room rolling his eyes, saying to himself, “Here he goes, laying the giving guilt trip on us again!” In 8:10-12, Paul shows great restraint by not trying to guilt the people into giving, rather he is challenging them to examine the difference between their original promise and their actual performance. The Corinthians had pledged the year before to share a special collection for struggling believers in Judea, but they did not keep their promise. Note here that Paul emphasizes the significance of their readiness or “willingness” to give. Indeed, if everyone willingly gave out of obedience and according to the Spirit’s leading, the preacher would never have to preach a sermon on giving again.