October 15, 2019

Ecclesiastes 7:5-9

Today’s reading is filled with more godly wisdom.

  • Both wise and foolish people are glad to tell us what they think. The challenge lies in turning a listening ear to the wise and blocking out the foolish noise around us.
  • There are times in life when we are tempted to cut corners and sell out our integrity, especially when facing financial struggles. The wise do not poison their souls with the love of money. This never leads to a good return on our investment.
  • A proud person has a good start. A patient person has a good finish. During the “race,” it is never wise to boast as if you have already won. The result will speak for itself.
  • A foolish person embraces anger as his companion. Anger is generally a sign that someone desires control or is an indicator of fear. These are both characteristics of a person who has not surrendered a particular area of his life to God.

Ask God to show you the areas of your life you need to surrender to him today.