October 12, 2019

Matthew 6:33

I have a dream today

I have a dream of a bigger house

I have a dream of a better job

I have a dream of a new car

I have a dream of profitable investments

I have a dream of being famous

Where will these dreams take me?

Will these dreams last?

Consider the following:

I have trampled someone else’s dream in the race to seize my own

I have grasped short-term happiness at the expense of eternal joy

In striving to fulfill my selfish dreams, I have kept others from knowing your love

In trying to find my own “promised land,” I have denied others the greatest promised land of all—knowing Jesus as Lord

Lord, forgive me for my selfish behavior

Lord, forgive me for not sharing your love

Lord, as I take the Bread and the Cup . . .

I remember your death on the cross

I remember your future return

I pursue your will, not my own self-centered visions