November 9, 2015

Luke 18:35-43

Are healing and peace of mind possible, especially concerning mental illness? According to Scripture, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” This week, we will study accounts of physical healing in Scripture that have implications for mental healing as well. In today’s reading, a man named Bartimaeus was healed and his sight restored. His encounter with Jesus, albeit strange, gives us a first step in realizing emotional healing. Jesus asked Bartimaeus what he wanted him to do. At this point, we might ask, “Jesus, isn’t it obvious that he wants healing?” Jesus’ question highlights our need to come to him and admit our need for healing. God alone is the source for wholeness. Some of us spend more time talking to others or dealing with anxiety on our own while Jesus patiently waits for us to tell him what we want or need. What about you? Do you need healing today? Tell Jesus what it is that you want him to do for you.