November 7, 2012

28 Days of Letters from Jesus

November 7 – Revelation 1:12-14

John used symbolic language. The lampstands represented the seven churches. He will use symbolic language throughout the Revelation.

John turned to identify the voice that was speaking to him. When he turned, he saw Jesus. This vision is an amazing portrait of our Lord. Each and every part of this vision of Jesus draws from the Old Testament descriptions of God. Jesus is pictured as a “son of man.” This title is found in Daniel 7:13 and Ezekiel 1:26. No one ever called Jesus the “son of man.” This was the title he used to describe himself.  

Jesus is pictured as wearing a “robe reaching to his feet.” This same phrase described the high priest in Exodus 28:4. He is girded across his chest with a “golden sash.” This reference to Jesus identified him as the eternal high priest. His white hair and flaming eyes refer to the descriptions of God in Daniel 7:9 and Isaiah 1:18. John’s vision of Jesus connected the Lord with God.