November 30, 2015

Matthew 2:1-9

Seasons came and seasons went, following the same pattern every year. The sun rose and set. The stars twinkled from their dwellings deep within the universe. And then one night, everything changed. The night’s darkness disappeared as the heavens opened, birthing a new star.

Eyes opened with amazement, the Wise Men stood, gazing at the light. Had they watched for it? Did it take them by surprise? Or could this moment be the fulfillment of prophecy they had only dreamed of seeing?

Pray for the CCA Christmas Toy Store to ensure that Santa will visit the Angel children with the perfect Christmas gift. CCA’s Christmas Toy Store allows parents to provide gifts for their children despite the hardships they are currently facing. Parents select new, unwrapped gifts from donations provided to CCA’s Toy Store. Everything they need, from stocking-stuffers to boxes and bows, are provided to ensure a memorable holiday.

Action: Prayerfully consider selecting a CCA ornament from our bins and trees throughout the church and purchasing a new unwrapped gift or gift card for a child in need this Christmas.