November 29, 2015

An Invitation to Advent

Doors. They open new opportunities for us.

Doors. Sometimes they close before we have a chance to see what is within. 

I want to ask you to walk through some doors with me this Christmas season.

Use this Christmas devotional guide to open your mind and heart to the wonderful possibilities God has in store for you during these holidays.

Don't miss a Sunday of the Christmas Season—this door is open wide.

Your Pastor,


Stephen G. Hatfield, Ph.D.


Week 1 – The Open Door - Universe

Galatians 4:1-7

As early as the 4th century, the church was considering December 25 as the day to celebrate The Feast of the Nativity. Over time, “Christ’s Mass,” as it was to be called, became the first of four liturgical feasts. Advent would encompass the four weeks preceding Christmas day and mark the beginning of the church calendar. To prepare for the feast, monks began to fast and, over time, the laity was invited to do so as well. This season continues as a time of prayerful reflection and eager celebration as we remember Christ’s first advent as a way to prepare for his second.

Over the next four weeks as you prepare your home for the Christmas season, please take time to prepare your heart.

Pray: Each year for the Hanging of the Green service, we have asked our children, students, and adult volunteers to bring a toy or a gift for a teenager. It is wonderful to see our wooden bins filled to the brim that evening with gifts that will go to the CCA toy store. Please pray that we are able to collect more donations than ever before!

Also, please pray for our children and students tonight as they sing in the Christmas Season with our annual Hanging of the Green – Tree Lighting Celebration at 7pm in the Worship Center. Everyone is invited to attend tonight’s service. Come be a part of and bring a toy to donate to CCA!