November 22, 2015

2 Corinthians 6:3-13

What if there was a terrible fire? A house is engulfed in smoke. There is a woman inside in great danger. A neighbor rushes to the home and rescues the woman. She is okay and recovers fully. But no news anchors are present that night. No one tells the story to the newspaper reporter. The lady does not tell anyone what happened; she keeps the terrible experience to herself. No one knows of the incredible danger and the selfless rescue that took place! No one knows. This is what happens when we struggle in the dark. This is what happens when God sustains us, day by day, and no one knows.

Open wide your hearts! What is your struggle? What do you face with fear today? What scars do you have from the past? Who will you share them with? Maybe you need to share your struggle with your family, or perhaps with a good friend? Could you open up in your Bible Study class? Who do you admire or respect? Who has shown you love and acceptance? Opening up and sharing is the biggest hindrance in our battle. Once the truth is out there, there is freedom, hope, and love. I encourage you, my friend, open wide your heart. We all deal with junkā€”some of us are diagnosed and some of us are not, but we all have it. We all wrestle. We all struggle. We all feel the weight of this broken world at one time or another. Let us be part of what God is doing in the world. May we experience hope, so we can shout his hope to the world. May we experience strength, so we can be that strength for our family. May we be comforted, so that we can wrap our arms around our friends. May we be healed so that we might lead others to the Healer.