November 21, 2015

2 Corinthians 5:16-21

The people business is messy. Every day we interact with others. We do business; we determine schedules with our family; we talk to waiters, doctors, mailmen, and others throughout the day. I love the picture Paul gives us of people being a new creation in Christ. Sure, we are still in temporary bodies that fail us, but even on earth, we are new in Christ. God does this in us and for us. And Paul says Jesus makes me new, so that I can be a messenger about this reconciliation. As God works in me, heals me, and helps me make it through today, he wants me to tell others what he can do in them.

Beautiful things happen when we share our struggles with others. Think about this cycle:

  • We get brave and we share our pain and our struggles.
  • We feel better because it is finally out in the open. We all feel better when we are known.
  • People surround us with prayer and encouragement because they know what’s going on in our lives.
  • People come alongside us and offer comfort because they have been down the same road. We discover we are not alone.
  • God moves and helps us. He uses doctors, medication, counselors, friends, his Word, his Spirit, and his power to do so. He gives us strength to make it through each day and we see breakthroughs.
  • We have hope. We make progress. We experience some healing.
  • God is shown to be BIG as we make it one day at a time. We survive things we could not survive on our own. God gets praise and glory for what he has done.
  • We are able to offer comfort to others who are going through similar trials because we have been down that road.

This is the ministry of reconciliation. Will we be a part?