November 15, 2015

Psalm 18:1-19

The experience of mental illness for many is an overwhelming, palpable darkness. This darkness leads some to do the unthinkable: taking their life. For those who have never experienced this darkness, solutions seem simple. But for those falling through the black hole, depression can be all-consuming. Psalm 18 is David’s vivid description of attacks from the inside as well as the outside. David uses phrases like “cords of death,” “day of disaster,” and “deep waters” to describe the depth of his suffering. The encouragement of Scripture from Psalm 18 is the picture of God as the loving Father who hears our cry and conquers both heaven and earth to rescue, deliver, and set the psalmist in a spacious place. Mental illness makes its victims feel powerless. This passage encourages us to place our hope in a loving, all-powerful God who will rescue us because he delights in us. With his help, we can have strength and clarity to deal with our battles—both internal and external. Today, if you are in this kind of darkness, cry out to the Rescuer and to others who can provide the help you need.