November 14, 2015

2 Kings 5:1-14

God used Elisha the prophet to bring about healing in Naaman’s life. But Naaman’s healing didn’t come in the way he’d anticipated. In his mind, Elisha should have come out and waved his hand over him and cured him. In fact, Naaman was angry that Elisha didn’t do as he expected or make the process of his healing more dramatic. Thankfully, one of Naaman’s servants convinced him to do as Elisha had instructed. And Naaman was healed. At times, we can be a lot like Naaman. God has shown us what we need to do to find peace of mind, but because the solution doesn’t look like we had hoped, we get angry and reject his instructions. Has God shown you his path to healing? Has a Christian friend or counselor given you encouragement to try to follow God’s path? Why not do what Naaman did and listen to those around you? God may be speaking through them.