November 12, 2012

28 Days of Letters from Jesus

November 12 – Revelation 2:4-5

On the heels of a positive word of encouragement, Jesus condemns the behavior of the Ephesian believers. In the words of Jesus, they “left their first love” (2:5). In their zeal to make a stand for truth, they forgot to bring love into their actions. Have you ever found yourself so dedicated to correcting wrongs, that you actually caused more damage? We all need to remember the love, mercy and grace of God that brought us to faith and forgiveness.

Jesus corrects the church. He challenges them 1) to remember they were lost at one time, 2) to repent and turn away from judgmental attitudes, and 3) to return to doing the things in the same spirit as when they first became Christians. This threefold advice is still good for us today.