November 11, 2012

28 Days of Letters from Jesus

November 11 – Revelation 2:1-3

The first letter was to the church at Ephesus. Each of these seven letters follows a common outline. The speaker is identified, the speaker commends the church, the speaker condemns sinful behavior, the speaker corrects the church, and the speaker gives a promise to the church.

John does not want anyone to think he is speaking from his own authority; Jesus is the speaker. So he uses a portion of the vision of Jesus from chapter 1 to identify Jesus as the one who is speaking to each of the seven churches.

Jesus is the one who holds the seven stars and walks among the golden lampstands, the churches. The words that follow are his, not John’s. Jesus commends the church for showing strength in the face of evil, false teachers. They had held their ground and refused to compromise.

This is a great encouragement from Jesus. Today, Jesus blesses the work of those who courageously stand for truth and light.