My story begins as a sharecropper's son in Northeastern Arkansas. Being reared on a farm taught me how to appreciate what I have since we didn't have much at all. I began to watch the providence of God very early in life as I saw God provide the needs my family had. The greatest fulfilled need came in my college education. I was privileged to attend college at the University of Central Arkansas on grants and scholarships. In fact, my whole education cost $200 and it wouldn't have cost that had I not lost a scholarship.

I have watched God move in my life over and over from having had a birthdate that was number 10 on the first draft lottery to joining the Navy to avoid the Vietnam War and then being discharged because of a bleeding problem to ending up teaching school in Hughes, Arkansas. Looking back, I have seen the hand of God in so many things ranging from starting a Christian school and watching it grow to the largest individualized school in the state of Arkansas to coming to Texas to work with ACE to starting a charter school and watching God provide every need. I am blessed.

Nick Farley