A Voice in the Wilderness...

Our bi-weekly newsletter, "The First Family News" features an article from one of our ministers on the front page on a rotating basis. This blog will present these articles for your convenience.


  • Our TOMS Ministry

    Do you know it has been five years since FBCL started serving the teen parents in our area? God has developed an incredible love story between the church and these teens, and I stand in awe at the way he has provided and the way he has changed lives. As the holidays approach, we have some big needs for our ministry.

  • Harvest Day

    Every month, I receive offering envelopes from our church. Not everyone opts to get these. I do because it’s the way I was raised.

  • Connecting

    What a great time of year! Leaves are beginning to change color and fall. Football at every level is in full swing.

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