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Our bi-weekly newsletter, "The First Family News" features an article from one of our ministers on the front page on a rotating basis. This blog will present these articles for your convenience.


  • Stories

    Tell Your Story At the start of this year, we began a new series in our Student Ministry called “Stories” on Wednesday nights. In short, God has given each of us a story to tell, and he wants to use our story, both the good and the bad, as part of his plan to reach and redeem the world through his son, Jesus Christ! To understand this, we asked a couple of big questions.

  • Did You Know ....

    Did you know that on any given Sunday evening at 1251 West Valley Ridge, there are over 230 children and students singing praises to our Lord? I am so thankful for getting to help lead and guide this impressive group of young worshipers! I am also thankful for the great people of First Baptist Lewisville that support us in this endeavor.

  • Moving Forward ...

    On Sunday evening, January 31, our congregation voted to move forward with three recommendations from our Facility Study Team. 1. To elect a Building/Renovation Committee 2.

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