A Voice in the Wilderness...

Our bi-weekly newsletter, "The First Family News" features an article from one of our ministers on the front page on a rotating basis. This blog will present these articles for your convenience.


  • Preschool Praises

    Mom: What do you think about in that head? Two-year-old: God. Mom: What does he say?

  • Staff Additions & Upcoming Opportunities

    Rob Peterman is joining our staff in a full-time role. For the past several months, he has led the worship in our 11am service. He will continue to provide this leadership, but will also serve in our student ministry as an associate to Jeremy Taylor.

  • Building Up Bible Study

    Building Up Bible Study—A Strategy for Making Disciples Jesus’ final instructions to his followers were to “go and make disciples.” His words are for all Christ-followers in all times and places. We know what he told us to do. Obedience should be our overwhelming response.

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