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Our bi-weekly newsletter, "The First Family News" features an article from one of our ministers on the front page on a rotating basis. This blog will present these articles for your convenience.


  • Summer is just around the corner

    Summer weeks are just around the corner and with them come some great opportunities for us all. We honor graduates. We send students off on life-changing mission adventures.

  • "Will Work for Salvation"

    Many people live their lives just like the person holding up the sign on the cover of our Daily Bible Reading booklet. They spend every day “working for salvation.” Is this what the Bible teaches? Join us over these next weeks as we go verse-by-verse through Paul’s letter to the churches of the area known as Galatians.

  • Easter Weekend Beginning with Maundy Thursday

    For churches all across the world, this is the greatest and most important time of the year. Over the next few days, you and I will have the opportunity to experience and remember Jesus Christ’s last steps toward the cross as he journeyed down the Via Dolorosa. Our Stations of the Cross Maundy Thursday service will provide a very meaningful time of worship and remembrance.

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