May 7, 2016

I Commit to Family

1 Thessalonians 2:6b-12

Ideally, discipleship begins at home. As parents share life with their children, they also share biblical truth and eventually the gospel. Similarly, our church family shares life, biblical truth, and the gospel with children and families. In today’s passage, Paul highlights the way in which parents and church family are to share the gospel. He says we should share it with gentleness and in love, like a mother and father who express selfless love. Paul shared the gospel in the context of relationship; he not only shared the truth of the gospel, but he shared his life.

What about us? As our church commits to making family a priority, we must ask what that means for us as individual members. How am I developing relationships with families in our church? How am I sharing life with them? And, how am I developing relationships with families outside of our church? In my own neighborhood, do I know where my neighbors go to church? Am I prayerfully developing relationships with them through which I can communicate biblical truth and eventually the gospel? Spend time praying about these commitments now.