May 6, 2016

I Commit to Family

2 Corinthians 12:14

Richard Ross, professor to next generation youth ministers at Southwestern Seminary, spoke at the D6 Family Ministry Conference. In his conference entitled “Beginning the Family Ministry Conversation,” he said, “Parents today are so consumed with having themselves together that they literally don’t have any energy to parent their children.” Scripture stands in direct opposition to this trend. Paul writes parents must sacrifice for their children, not the other way around. Good parents sacrifice their time, resources, and even themselves to benefit their children. In a similar way, good churches make sacrifices for their children. Churches who prioritize ministry to children and their families sacrifice time, resources, and themselves to see the kingdom of God come into these lives.

Spend time in prayer for the parents of our church and community. Pray parents would clearly see what sacrifices they need to make for their children. Pray also for our church. As we commit to family, pray we would clearly see the sacrifices the Lord would have us make for the families of our church.