May 3, 2018

Luke 4:14-21

In his article, “The Top 10 Characteristics of the Average Unchurched Family,” Pastor Brian Moss of Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury, Maryland, writes the following:

1. They are a blended home.
2. They are spiritually mismatched. Many times, the mother is the spiritual leader.
3. They are financially strapped.
4. They are over-calendared.
5. They are biblically illiterate.
6. They are ethnically diverse.
7. They have a special needs child.
8. One in five have experienced some form of trauma in the home.
9. They want to be successful.
10. They are spiritually hungry.

As our church considers pursuing families, we must pursue families who need Christ first. Rather than swap church members with other churches in our area, we must take the gospel to those who are far from God. As a church, we are to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom to the spiritual prisoners, sight for the spiritually blind, and release for the oppressed. Pray the Lord would lead us to be a church who meets the needs of unchurched families. Pray God would lead us as individuals to pursue those in our circle of influence who need him.