May 20, 2016

John 3:1-8

People are funny. We live in a world where the only thing constant is change. “Stasis” is defined as “the state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces.” We see it in nature, but only for a time. In the realm of mankind, it doesn’t even exist. We are always moving closer or further away, getting better or worse, growing or receding. Interestingly, while we often resist change driven by forces outside of our control, we fail to understand we can initiate change. The future need not be a continuation of the present. We are not sentenced to live the way things are.

In your life, have you made what you consider to be bad choices? Are you carrying around guilt over something you’ve done? If yes, here is the lesson—your life can be changed. Nicodemus was not a slow learner, but it still took time for him to realize change was a choice he could make. It’s a choice you can make and if you are reading this, it’s not too late. Are you in need of change?