May 2, 2016

I Commit to Family

Titus 1:10-11

This week’s Daily Bible Readings focus on the commitment of First Baptist Church to family. In today’s passage, Paul mentions a rebellious, deceptive group who preached circumcision and, in so doing, “ruin whole households.” More than likely, this group was sincere and honestly believed they were helping families with their added teachings. Paul said they should be silenced. What can this passage teach us today? As we seek to strategically attract and disciple families, we must not allow tradition or old ways of being the church dictate the methods and ways in which we minister to them. Families will be attracted to First Baptist Church Lewisville when they find ministry that is fresh, creative, and applicable. We must also communicate to parents that family ministry and discipling their children aren't add-ons to their “To Do” list. It is their “To Do” list! Ministry to families will flourish as parents understand their children are discipled best and most authentically as parents “do” life and articulate their faith in the process.

Part of what it means to commit to family is to pray for the families of our church. Spend time lifting them (and their challenges) to the Lord now.