May 17, 2016

John 2:1-11

Prayer is talking to God. Whenever Mary spoke to Jesus, in essence and in reality, she was talking to God.

At a wedding attended by Mary and Jesus, a family was about to be embarrassed by running out of wine. Running out of wine at a wedding was undoubtedly more serious then than now, but it still appears to have been a survivable event. No one was at risk of being maimed; this was not a confrontation with the Pharisees; it would not be an international incident. Embarrassing? Yes. Life changing? In and of itself, probably not. But, Mary talked to Jesus about it.

Mary took a small thing to Jesus and his response still speaks to us two thousand years later. Mary knew Jesus didn’t have time to create wine in the conventional way, but, even if she had no idea how he would solve the problem, she didn’t limit him and just turned this small thing over to him. His solution demonstrated the awesome power of God far out of proportion to the little problem Mary laid at the feet of God.

Do we refrain from taking the small things to God? Do we reserve his guidance and help just for the big things? Do we limit what God can do by excluding him?