May 11, 2018

1 Kings 5-6

How excited all of Jerusalem must have been the day construction commenced on the Temple! But, I’m sure, as with most lengthy building programs, excitement waned as the months stretched into years. However, when the Temple was finally completed, don’t you know the entire nation of Israel was in an exciting frenzy!

Warren Wiersbe writes: “It is difficult to calculate the cost of this building in modern currency. It isn’t enough just to know the price of the precious metal today, but we also need to know its purchasing power. Then, we must calculate what Solomon paid for manpower and materials and try to express it in contemporary equivalents.”

Tragically, in the end, it did not matter to God how expensive the building was to build. Nor did it matter how flashy its ornate fixtures were inside. Yes, while everything was shiny and new, the Temple served its purpose. But once the newness wore off, the hearts of the people drifted back to their old habits of idolatry and disobedience. As a result, the beautiful Temple that Solomon built in 986 BC was plundered and destroyed when the Babylonian army captured Jerusalem in 586 BC.