May 10, 2016

John 1:6-13

Are you “born of God”?

In the middle of the prologue to the Gospel of John, we find the introduction to the other John. We know him as John the Baptist (more accurately, John the Baptizer). John the Baptizer is not the light but is a witness to the light. But no one wants to see the light. The world, the people God created, wanted nothing to do with him. The people who were set apart by God as his people wanted nothing to do with the light. But a promise was given in 1:12-13: If you receive the light, you will be born of God.

All of the people who denied Christ in John’s world and those who deny Christ in our world are trying to hold on to their privilege instead of allowing Christ in their life. They are relying on their heritage or their will-power to succeed. There is no success outside of allowing “the light” inside of you. You cannot have salvation because of heredity and you cannot earn salvation. It is only by being a child of God. So, are you “born of God”?