May 1, 2018

Psalm 127:1-5

Psalm 127 is a song of ascent. Each year, God’s people journeyed to Jerusalem, ascending the hill, and ending at the temple. As they went, God’s people sang their worship, affirming God as the source and builder of their families, and their children as God’s inheritance. Can you imagine children following their parents, grandparents, and family friends on their journey? I can almost hear these children learning the songs of ascent. Our children learn best as they hear and see us encounter God each week in corporate worship. There are things children hear and see in worship they do not understand to be sure. Me, too. We are all on a journey of faith.

But how does this ancient text apply to us? Being honest, for those of us in ministry, among the many million dollar questions is “Why do families who are members come only once or twice a month?” Do they believe this is faithfulness? Trying to answer this question is, well, exhausting. We can’t set priorities for families.

We are too quick to discount faithful worship and Bible Study attendance. We give in to sports, gymnastic meets, and other things on Sundays. We know our kids should be in Bible Study. And though faithfulness doesn’t give us brownie points with God, it does set a pattern our children and our children’s children will emulate. In parenting, we “get” who we “are.” We are the gatekeepers. So parents, grandparents, who will our children be? It’s up to us. They are following us to the temple, or they’re not.