I did not grow up in a Christian home, but grew up in a typical good/moral home... sure my parents eventually divorced, but they always tried to do the "right thing" for the family and for my brother and sister throughout all of it.

I remember Sundays being unusually depressing for me... maybe it was because school was the next day or maybe it was because I was spiritually depraved. Either way, when my parents split up God was able to bring some other people into my life to show me who He is. My Dad was remarried and my siblings and I moved to Texas instead of staying with my mom. My Dad's new marriage partner felt going to church was important and so we all went to church. This was the start of being introduced to Jesus. After a few years and a few youth camps, I realized I needed to accept Jesus for forgiveness of my sins. I know I didn't have the full picture of who God really was at that time, but I knew it was my first step.

High school was a time of finding my identity/personality and so I only thought about God and doing what He wanted for my life in passing. College was a time of broken fellowship between me and God. I was too interested in partying than hearing from God, even though in the quiet times I heard him clearly asking me, "Is this fulfilling you? Are you satisfied with your current life?" I could clearly answer, no, but was in a holding pattern of college "fun."

During College, I met the woman who made me want to be a better man and knew that after a few years of trying to be "better" it was an uphill battle. She wanted to attend church at FBCL with or without me and I was feeling forced to come, I came anyway. In addition, I had two strong Christian influences at my work that began to pray for me... God just seemed to grab me like He did when I had first professed my Faith in Him. I began to walk in and stand on principles contained within His word and began conversing with Him like never before. Literally almost overnight, He was molding my heart into a loving, caring person, someone I couldn't believe I could ever be or ever knew I wanted to be. I began to think, say and act out my life as if it was coming from the pages of scripture. I was able to read scripture and see God's perspective in why things are the way they are and understood difficult scriptural principles without even having a biblical background. All I can say is that it was Holy Spirit taught. I loved people differently and truly cared for their well-being. I could go on and on... but it was almost like I was on a drunken God high. It was truly a miracle to see what God was doing with me. Many other details I can share, but I'm trying to be brief. :)

Fast forwarding to today... I falter, I fail, I sin... I still stand on God's principle of "obedience to Him brings great changes in me, in my life and to others around me." May God Bless the testimony and witness He has given to me and for me to share.

Mark Cary