March 8, 2016

Isaiah 48:1-22

The people living in Jerusalem felt confident because they lived in the city with God’s temple. They depended on their heritage, but they did not depend on God. There was nothing in Israel’s actions, attitudes, or accomplishments to compel God to love and save them.

Are you relying on a spouse or a parents’ faith to save you? Or relying on going to church every week and being a good person to make you saved? God does not save us because we are good but because he loves us and because of his forgiving nature.

People seek comfort, security and peace in their daily life but they haven’t taken the first step to turn away from sin and open their hearts to God. They have not repented and trusted in him. If you want true peace, seek God first, and then he will give you peace. These are steps you must take and not something someone can take for you. “He must become greater; I must become less” (John 3:30).